Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rockford Fosgate Punch 40i DSM Amp - Sound Quality Test - 1080p

Journey back to 1993...Rockford was to replace the VERY popular Punch 45 with a newer model and new design. How could they top the power, versatility and pure popularity of the Punch 45HD? Well, the entire Punch series saw a face lift. Gone were the HD series and out with the DSM series.

Here, I'm demonstrating a model with is unique in the DSM series. The Punch 40i DSM superseded the Punch 40 DSM and preceded the Punch 40ix DSM. It was released in the 1993-1994 time frame. Why did Rockford release only the Punch 40 as an "i" series? I'm not sure if this question has ever been answered. Maybe they thought the "entry level" DSM amp didn't need a crossover like the 60ix, 100ix and 200ix. It would become obvious if this was the case the decision was quickly changed and the Punch 40ix DSM would replace the Punch 40i.

Enough with the model number mumbo-jumbo, what's so special about the Punch 40i DSM? Well, as with most "oldschool" Rockford amplifiers, this one was VERY underrated. Yes, you may notice the 20x2 watt rating into 4 ohms and say, "why would anyone pay $300 for such an amp?" Well, there are several reasons, some referencing quality and durability. Most Rockford fans knew this amp would actually output 50-75 watts per/ch RMS into 4 ohms and around 200 watts bridged at 4 ohms mono. I don't have a birthsheet to prove this output but have seen some from these amps and these are the actual numbers.

In addition to providing more power than expected, these amps also exude top quality sonics. View my video below to experience the sonic quality of these amps. For best results, use high quality headphones. Enjoy the demo!



Unknown said...

These things were beasts! I was not able to afford or justify the cost of these when new. However I later purchased a closely related P250.2 which I belive was officially rated at about 50w rms into 4 ohms but according to the supplied test sheet did 261w rms into 4ohms mono. I've had one of these driving a Directed X comp 10" 300w (rms)sub for 10 years now and it has not missed a beat :-)

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