ShawnK's Old School Rockford Fosgate Integra Install

Components Used:
  • Alpine CDA-7944R Copper Chassis CD/Tuner
  • JBL GTX47 Active Crossover
  • (3) Rockford Fosgate Punch 100ix Amplifiers
  • Lightning Audio "Storm Series" Components; 5.25 mids and 1" tweets
  • (3) Rockford Fosgate RFA-810 AUDIOphile Subs
System Notes: Setup is fully active with a separate Punch 100ix amplifier for the subs, mids and highs. The subs are 8ohm models wired in parallel for an effective 2.67 ohm bridged load on one amp crossed over at 80Hz. The mids are band-pass crossed over 80Hz-4kHz, while the tweeters see 4kHz and up. The amplifiers are semi-flush mounted (about 1/2 of the amps depth is showing) for an ultra-clean look!

Note: Pictures are (c) ShawnK and used with permission

Very clean install of the 3 RF DSM amps and AUDIOphile 10" subs

Closer view of the Punch 100ix DSM amps and custom RF logo plate

Copper Chassis Alpine CDA-7944R CD/Tuner Head Unit

Custom A-Pillar pods for the 1" tweeters


Unknown said...

great install. very nicely done

Unknown said...

Very nice install... Thanks for sharing the "Old School " memories!!!

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