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Linear Power 8002SW Amplifier Amplifier Dyno Test Old School AD-1

Early 90's Linear Power 8002SW 800W Mono Amplifier
The Linear Power 8002 was an 800 Watt single channel amplifier optimized for 8 and 4 ohm loads. It was available from 1991-1997 and sold at a MSRP of $1599. Unlike most of the mono amplifiers of today, this 8002 is capable of reproducing the entire 20Hz - 20kHz frequency range. 

We initially ran all of the tests using the 4 ohm power supply taps, which lowered rail voltage and increased current. Amp is less efficient in this mode and also produced less power. After a call with Linear Power, it was suggested I set the amp to the 8 ohm taps to run the 8 and 4 ohm Dyno tests. If you read the original Linear Power manual, they caution against running the amp in 8 ohm mode powering 4 ohm speakers. It is quite evident these amps are overbuilt and are more than capable of handling the additional load without breaking a sweat!

Linear Power 8002SW's Guts - TO-3 Transistors

Specifications according to the 1991 Car Stereo Review Directory (July/Aug 1991):

"1 channel. 800 W x 1. Features biwired output terminals for feedback loop, which keeps speaker wire DC resistance from reducing damping factor; defeatable subsonic filter; soft turn-on/off; fan cooling; metal shroud. FR 19-20,000 Hz. 17 x 3 x 9.5 in - $1,600" (CSR Jul/Aug 1991)

The Linear Power 8002 was also in a battle of "monster" amplifiers in the October 1991 Car Audio & Electronics magazine. Other challengers were the Rockford Fosgate Power 1000 Mosfet, Precision Power 2350DM, Orion GS500 and HiFonics Colossus VII...quite a group of large, powerful, Class AB amplifiers! Since the 8002SW is a mono amplifier, the tester used 2 of these amps in the comparison. It may or may not surprise you, but the Linear Power came out on top. Quite an impressive feat, considering the competition!

Watch the video and see the results obtained from this 20yr old car audio amplifier. Nothing short of spectacular!

Here are the results from my test with the SMD/D'Amore Engineering AD-1 Amp Dyno:

8 ohms mono8 ohms - Amp is rated at 800W at 12V
8 ohms - Certified 1% THD - 818W at 13.99V
8 ohms - Uncertified - 819W at 14.05V
8 ohms - Dynamic RMS - 1029W at 14.31V

4 ohms mono4 ohms - Amp is rated 800W at 12V
4 ohms - Certified 1% THD - 824W at 13.5V
4 ohms - Uncertified - 855W at 13.48V
4 ohms - Dynamic RMS - 1407W at 14.5V
4 ohms - Dynamic RMS - 1606W at 15.17V

All tests above were at 40Hz. As you can see by the results, this amp is well suited for subwoofers or mid-basses as it has a nice amount of dynamic headroom for those transient peaks. 

Watch the video in full 1080P HD Here >>

Or embedded below:

More Amp Dyno AD-1 tests coming!

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