See the list below for old school car audio items tested, reviewed or over viewed at the labs. Bookmark this page as the info will be continually updated.

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a/d/s - PQ10 Amplifier - Unboxing, brief overview
           - PQ20 Amplifier Review and Amp Dyno Test
Alpine  - 7288 Cassette Radio - Overview and demo
             9813 CD/MP3 Radio - Part of the Toolbox Boombox V2 Overview
             3342 EQ - Full DIN 11-Band Graphic EQ / Sound Field Controller
Amp Dyno Drag Races - Orion Ztreet ZO8000.1D vs Soundstream AR8000.1D
                                           1989 Alpine 3545 vs Precision Power 2350DM
                                           Phoenix Gold M25 vs Rockford Fosgate Punch 40i DSM (1994)
                                           Rockford Fosgate Power 50.2 vs Orion 225R HCCA (1997)
                                           Pyramid PB-449x vs Lanzar HTG-257 (2015)
                                           1992 Rockford Fosgate Punch 150HD vs Orion 275 SX
                                           Orion 225 HCCA Digital Reference vs MTX Terminator MTA-225
                                           Orion HCCA 225R vs MTX Thunder 225HO (1997)
Audio Art 100HC Amplifier - Unboxing, brief overview (amp has been sold)
                                          - 100HC Amp Dyno Test
Audio Art 2400 HO Amplifier - Unboxing, brief overview
                                              In depth overview, bench test
Autotek - 1995 Model 66 Review and Amp Dyno Test
              - 1994 Model 333 Review and Amp Dyno Test
              - 1989 7100BTS Review and Amp Dyno Test
              - 1992 7300BTS Review and Amp Dyno Test
Behringer - 2016 - NU6000 "6000 Watt MAX" Pro Audio Amp
                  2015 iNuke NU1000 "1000 Watt" Pro Audio Amp Review and Test
Bose - Acoustic Wave Music System CD-3000 - What's Inside?
Boss Audio - 2017 AR1500 Review and Amp Dyno Test (plus Amp Destruction!)
                       2017 AR4000 "4kW MAX" Amp Dyno Test (Are you serious?)
Boston Acoustics Car Audio - Model 767 6.5" Coaxials - Unboxing
                                            Unboxing ProSeries 1T Tweeters 
                                            In-depth overview of the .4 ProSeries Speakers
                                            ProSeries 4.4 Components unboxing, overview
                                            ProSeries 6.4 Components unboxing, overview
                                            ProSeries 8.4LF Subwoofers unboxing
                                            2004 GT-28 Amplifier Review and Amp Dyno Test
Cambridge Soundworks - 1996 Model Twelve Transportable Stereo System
DLB Audio - DL700.1 Amp Dyno Test including Two Amps Strapped
Dragster DH-1804 Amplifier - Overview
                                            One of the Monster Amps
Earthquake PA-2040c and PA-2300 Amplifiers - unboxing and overview
                       PA-2300 "Hohmann Series" Amp Review and Dyno Test
Eclipse 8810.6 Subwoofer - Unboxing and Brief Overview
FAS PE90 Graphic Equalizer - Brief demo
Fosgate  - PR-220 and PR-250 Amplifiers Overview
                Vintage Fosgate Frequency Energizer Model 201 Teaser Video
                Fosgate Frequency Energizer Model 201 - Overview and History
                Fosgate & Pro Line Frequency Energizer Demo - Watch them in action!
Hafler MSE-88tn Amplifier - Overview
HiFonics -  Odin VII Amplifier - Unboxing, brief overview
                    1992 Odin VIII Overview and Amp Dyno Test
                    2017 Brutus BRX3016.1D Review and Amp Dyno Test
Infinity Nucleus KPX-2 Tri-Mode Crossover - Unboxing and overview
JBL - 2004 A6000gti Crown Amplifier Dyno Test
Jensen - 1997 A1000 Review and Amp Dyno Test
JL Audio - 8W6 Subwoofers - Overview
                Update showing new surrounds
                JL Audio Slash 500/1 Review and Amp Dyno Test
                JL Audio XD600/1 v2 Review and Amp Dyno Test
Kenwood - 2015 KAC-M3001 Review and Amp Dyno Test - Tiny Amp!
Kicker - Solobaric S10c Subwoofers
                1999 Kicker 500ss Amp Dyno Test
                2015 PX200.1 Mini Amp Review and Amp Dyno Test
                1996 Kicker 500ss Review and Amp Dyno Test
Linear Power - 652 Amplifier - Brief Overview
                             2016 LP2250 Amp Dyno Test
Massive Audio - 2017 Drago D5k Overview and Amp Dyno Test
                         2015 Nano N2 Review and Amp Dyno Test
MMATS - D200 HC Amp Dyno Test
             1999 D200HC Amp Dyno Test
MTX Amplifiers - Terminator MTA-250 Overview
                          Terminator MTA-250 Bench Test Power Output
                          Thunder 225HO vs Thunder 2300 Comparison
                          Thunder 225HO Review and Amp Dyno Test
NAD - 1987 NAD 2200 Amplifier Review and Power Output Test - Power Envelope
            NAD 7240PE - Vintage Home Stereo Receiver, Incredible Dynamic Power!
NEC - 1989 AVR-1000 Dolby Surround Receiver Review and Amp Dyno Test
Orion Amplifiers - Orion HCCA "Digital Reference" Amplifier Overview
                            Orion 222sx Amplifier - Overview
                            Orion 222sx vs. Rockford Fosgate Punch 45HD - Comparison
                            Orion HCCA, SX, GX, GS Speaker Plugs and Pins
                            Old School Monster Amps - Orion XTR-2250 and Orion Concept 97.3
                            Orion XTR-2250 Amplifiers - Overview and Comparison
                            Orion XTR-2250 vs. Orion Concept 97.3 Amplifier Overview
                            Orion XTR-2250 Power Output Demo Coming Soon
                            Orion XTR-2250 Power Output Test
                            Orion XTR-2250 vs. Subwoofer Test
                            Orion NT 200 Special Edition Amplifier Unboxing
                            Orion NT 200 Special Edition Amplifier Photo Montage
                            Orion NT 200 Special Edition Amplifier Power Output Teaser
                            Orion NT 200 Special Edition Amplifier Power Output TEST
                                   Orion NT 200 BIX Balanced Crossover Overview
                                   Orion XTR-450 Amplifier Overview and Demo
                                   Orion XTR8 Subwoofer - Unboxing
                                   Orion XTR 1200 XTREME Amplifier 1999 Amp Dyno Test
                                   The Orion Mystery - XTREME 1200 Amplifier Teaser
                                   1999 Orion HCCA 275R Amp Dyno Test
                                   2015 Orion Ztreet ZO8000.1D Amp Dyno Test
                                   2017 Orion XTR2500.1 Amp Dyno Test - Real Power at 12.6 volts
                                   1999 Orion Xtreme XTR1200 Amp Dyno Test
                                   1991 Orion GS300 "Gold Plated" Amplifier Reviewed and Tested
Old School Car Audio Install Compilations - Part 1 - Mini Trucks and More!
                                                                   Part 2 - Clean Installs and Massive Hair Tricks!
OSS Meets - 2017 Spring OSS Meet - Gastonia, NC - Distinct Beat Car Audio
                   2016 Spring OSS Meet - Cornelius, NC - Freeman's Stereo Video
                   2015 Spring OSS Meet - Denver, NC - HotWiredAV
Phoenix Gold Amplifiers - MS-2125 Unboxing
                                       MS-275 vs. Rockford Fosgate Punch 150HD - Overview
                                       MS-275 vs. Rockford Fosgate Punch 150HD - Power Output Test
                                       Old School 50 Watt Cheater Amps - Overview (MPS-2240)
                                       Old School 50 Watt Cheater Amps - Teaser (MPS-2240)
                                       ZPA 0.3 SQ Amplifier - Demo, overview
                                       2016 Ti2 2000.1 Amp Dyno Test
Pioneer - Vintage Pioneer CD-7 Equalizer EQ Overview
               DEH-80PRS - THD Tests USB and Bluetooth - Android and iOS
               Pioneer GM-D9601 1200 Watt Amp Review and Amp Dyno Test
Planet Audio - Big Bang BB4000.1 4kW "MAX" Amp Tested
Polk Audio - Polk Audio C4 Subwoofer (factory built isobaric setup with four 6x9 subwoofers)
Precision Audio - Hot Shots HSQ-271 Graphic EQ - Unboxing, overview
Precision Power Amplifiers - Old School PPI ProMOS Amplifiers (ProMOS 12, 25, 2050)
                                            Old School 50 Watt Cheater Amps - Overview (ProMOS 25)
                                            1997 PC2150 Amp Dyno Test
                                            1991 Precision Power 2300AM Amp Dyno Test
Proton - 1985 D1200 Home Audio Amp Test - Dynamic Power on Demand
                D1200 VU Lamp Replacement - LED looks better!
Pyramid - 1989 BP300 Shadow Edition Overview and Amp Dyno Test                                                      
Rockford Fosgate - Vintage Punch 40 Slider Amplifer
                              Old School Rockford Fosgate Amps - Punch 45 and More!
                              Punch 45 - The Original Cheater Amp
                              Punch 45 and Punch 150 - 1st Generation
                              Punch 30HD aka the "Peanut"
                              Punch 45HD - 45 watts total, yeah right!
                              Punch 75HD and Punch 150HD - Overview
                              Punch 45 - 1st Gen vs. Polk Audio dB8 Subwoofer
                              Punch 400x4 DSM - Four channels of DSM Goodness
                              Punch 30HD - Sound Quality Test
                              Punch 40i DSM - Sound Quality Test
                              Punch 40 Slider - Early 80s Amp - Demo
                              Punch 150HD vs. Phoenix Gold MS-275 - Overview
                              Punch 150HD vs. Phoenix Gold MS-275 - Power Output Tests
                              Punch Power 360 - Ultra-Rare early 80's Power Series Amp
                              Punch P400-4 Test before selling
                              PA-1 Pre Amp EQ - Unboxing
                              Punch AUDIOphile Speakers - Unboxing
                              Punch 45HD - Part of Old School Cheater Amps Teaser Video
                              Punch DSM Series Amplifiers - Overview
                              Unboxing Rare DSM Amplifiers - 250m2 and 500m
                              Punch "Boosted Rail" PBR300x1 - Overview
                              Punch "Boosted Rail" PBR300x1 - -Bench Test
                              Punch 45HD vs. Orion 222sx - Power Output Test
                              Punch PBR300x1 - Verifying Power Output using SMD DD-1
                              Power 650 Mosfet - Overview
                              Punch Power 500m DSM - Unboxing
                              The Rockford Fosgate Collection -
                              Punch AUDIOphile RFA-54 FLEX - Speaker Demo
                              Old School Boombox - Rockford Fosgate AUDIOphile Speakers
                              Old School Car Audio Bookshelf Speakers - Punch AUDIOphile
                              Punch PBR300x2 - small amp for Car, Boat, Motorcycle, Scooter
                              Rockford Fosgate LED Sign - Unboxing and Overview
                              Rockford Fosgate Power 1000c Mosfet "Terminator Edition" Overview
                              Power 1000c Mosfet Repaired Plus Updates
                              Punch Power 500M DSM Subwoofer Test Teaser
                              Punch Power 500M DSM Overview Video
                              Punch Power 500M DSM Power Output Test RMS Wattage
                              Punch 75 1st Generation Overview / Showoff
                                    Old School Rockford Fosgate PWR-812 Subs Bumpin'
                                    1999 Power 1100a2 Review and Amp Dyno test
                                    Power 1000c MOSFET Amp Dyno Test
                                    2005 Punch 45 "25 to Life" Review and Amp Dyno Test
Sony - 1990 CDX-7520 In Dash CD Tuner - My First Sony
          1990 CDX-7520 and 1992 XE-744 EQ Teaser Video                    
Soundigital - 2015 SD400.1D Nano Amp Review and Amp Dyno Test
Soundstream - MC500 500 Watt Monster Amplifier
                      1989 MC500 Amp Dyno Test
                      Class A 100 II and D100 II - Overview
                      Reference 300 - Unboxing
                      Reference 300 - Power Output Test
                      Reference 300 Amp Test - Update     
Taramps - 2016 HD3000 Review and Amp Dyno Test - 3000 watts in small package
Wolfram Audio - 2017 W3000.1D Review and Amp Dyno Test
Zapco - Z50c2 Review and Amp Dyno Test
            Z-150.4LX $1200 SQ Four-Channel Amp Tested (2017)

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