OldSchoolStereo.com is a website dedicated to reviving the car stereo systems of days past. I get the question all of the time as to the definition of "Old School". Put simply, it is a state of mind. To one person, old school may be defined as 20 year old equipment or more, while another may consider 5 year old equipment old school. There is no right or wrong definition, simply what YOU believe is old school.

Most of the equipment you'll see on this website will consist of gear from at least 15 years ago, but I may also sneak in some newer gear for comparison or just because I want to. OldSchoolStereo is a passion of mine and although I may not have time to update the page once a week, I'll do my best to keep it updated on a consistent basis. Do you have an old school item to review and want to share with others? Contact me at oldschoolstereo at gmail and we'll see about getting your article (with attribution) online.

I'm also doing my best to build the OldSchoolStereo.com library of magazines, literature, manuals and any other goodies from days past. Currently, I'm interested in any pre-1996 magazines from Car Audio & Electronics, Car Stereo Review, Auto Sound & Security, Installation News and any other magazine referencing car stereo gear. I also had a 4" binder which was tossed 12 years ago which had literature from Rockford Fosgate, Phoenix Gold, Precision Power, Orion, MTX and others. I'd also like to regain any of this literature and if you are/were a car stereo dealer in the 90's and have saved literature and have no further need for it, please let me know so I can scan it an share with others. There is also the "Holy Grail" of literature, and at least for me, the Rockford Fosgate RTTI manuals are on the top of my list. These were the HUGE manuals used in the RTTI training classes which included detailed specs, tips, tricks and more from a Rockford perspective. 

Thank you for visiting OldSchoolStereo.com and although the website design is currently very basic, I plan on updating it as time permits. For now, I'll focus on content as I feel this is most important. I have gathered quite a bit of data from my Actual Output Power bench results and hope to have a page dedicated to just these results. This way you'll get an idea of how underrated (or maybe not) that old school amp is you are looking to purchase. More exciting articles, test, demos and more coming your way, so keep my website bookmarked and visit often!