Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rockford Fosgate Punch 30HD - Old School aka "Peanut"

See a Rockford Punch 30HD survivor in 1080p HD! This amp is TINY and is rated at 15 watts x 2 into 4 ohms. A friend of mine had one of these in high school powering (2) 8's in one of those full range boxes (had two 8's and two horn tweeters) and it KICKED! 

The Punch 30HD was the only "Punch" amplifier at the time missing bass and treble controls. Originally priced at $179 US, the Punch 30HD was a full $100 less than the infamous Punch 45HD. The Punch 30HD was retired after a few years and replaced by the "Series 1" amps. The "Series 1" was Rockford's entry level line and also lacked bass and treble controls.

Actual dimensions of the Punch 30HD are: 6.1" Long x 7.1" Wide x 1.6" Tall

For a link to the full 1080p version of this video, go here:


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