Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not Really Old School - Orion HCCA 275g4 "Cheater Amp"

See my recent video review of the Orion HCCA 275g4 below. It is the last of the "Made In the USA" Orion amps, circa 1999-2000. This amp is a BEAST with 180A of fusing with output exceeding 2000w at 1ohm mono loads. 

Here are the published ratings at 12v:

  • 4 ohms stereo = 75w/ch
  • 2 ohms stereo = 150w/ch
  • 1 ohm stereo = 300w/ch
  • 1/2 ohm stereo = 600w/ch
  • 4 ohms mono = 300w
  • 2 ohms mono = 600w
  • 1 ohm mono = 1200w

    See the video below for more details about this monster amp:

    Click the link if you prefer to see the video in HD (720 or 1080p):




    Here are some images of Orion HCCA 275g4 (actually a 275R in a g4 shroud):

    (Guts of a Monster!)

    (Size vs. Iphone)

    (Input Connectors / Gain Adjustments / X-Over Settings)


    Unknown said...

    Hey big D, I have an old PPI Precision Power MOS-50 2ch amp, its pretty old school. It was part of their Art Series. Anyway my question is do you ever buy or sell amps? I am looking for something to run 2 12's and will be selling this PPI but not sure who would want it.

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