Sunday, May 1, 2011

Old School Car Audio Literature Wanted!

In addition to the Car Audio Magazines, I'm also searching for some Old School Car Audio literature, brochures and other training manuals. I'm particularly interested in Rockford Fosgate (1984-1995) literature and especially some of the RTTI training manuals. I'm also looking for Orion, PPI and Phoenix Gold literature up to 1995.

I've posted some of the Rockford literature I've been able to find over at the Rockford Fosgate Vintage Forum. Let me know what you have. I'd also be interested in copies if you want to keep the originals. Remember, is only a hobby currently and I've already spent a ton outfitting my test bench so I could measure amplifiers actual output power...

Contact me at oldschoolstereo at gmail or via comment below if you have anything to offer up. Thanks!



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