Saturday, July 16, 2011

Phoenix Gold MS-275 Update and More

I have had many comments on the Phoenix Gold MS-275 vs. Rockford Fosgate Punch 150HD and many want to know the results of my test. Well, I may actually be able to get those results online sooner than expected. The MS-275 is in the hands of an expert technician right now and should be back in action within a couple of weeks. I had originally planned on testing the amps with subs only, but now I think I'll use the Phoenix Gold XV4 tri-mode crossover to fully test the amp's capabilities with the full music spectrum. Are you excited to see the results? I know I am...

Also, please check the comments posted on YouTube as I've had some well though out responses to my overview, including some technical corrections. The comments about music power versus test tones made me reconsider using the output tests as my main deciding factor on the winner. Even Zed Audio warns test tones are not a good indicator of an amp's true musical output and actually put severe stress on the amp. See the 2011 Zed Audio amp lineup's manual for an extremely well written technical description of amp operation.

Please send all comments, questions and suggestions to oldschoolstereo at gmail. I hope to have a submission form shortly....



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