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1990 MTX Terminator MTA 250 Amplifier - PPI Built Cheater

MTX Terminator MTA 250 100 Watt Car Audio Amplifier

Following the theme of the recent posting of the Dragster DH 1804, I guess I have a thing for bright red amplifiers. The MTX Terminator MTA 250 is the most recent addition to the collection and an impressive one indeed. The MTA 250 is one of MTX's first car audio amplifiers and was actually made by PPI (Precision Power). The MTA 250 closely resembles the PPI ProMOS 2050 and even uses the hated and nearly impossible to find replacement PPI speaker harness.

The MTA series of amps from MTX included two models; the MTA 225 and the MTA 250. Both models were stable down to 1 ohm and followed suit to the Orion HCCA's as "cheater" amplifiers for competition use. The 225 retailed for $500 US while the 250 was going for $650. In addition to the stunning red heat sink, MTX offered both models in white.

MTX MTA 250 Gain, Inputs, Max Thump, and LED's for Power and R/L clip

During the late 80's and early 90's, having a cheater amp was very important for competition purposes. There were several classes including under 50, 100, 150 and 250 watts. The higher wattage classes were ultra competitive, so those new to the scene and/or those on a budget would steer to the lower wattage classes. Cheater amps like the Orion HCCA's, PPI ProMOS, Phoenix Gold MPS and others were popular among competitors. The cheater amps could produce four times (or more) their rated 4 ohm power into lower ohm loads.

At the time MTX released the MTA series amps, they also introduced a Terminator line of subwoofers. They had a red cone and touted "2 ohm" resistance for maximum power output from your amp. A perfect match to the MTA series amps and their high-current, low-ohm output genius!

Here are the specs of the MTA 250 from MTX:

RMS Output:

  • 4ohms Stereo: 50 W per channel
  • 2ohms Stereo: 100 W per channel
  • 1ohm Stereo: 200 W per channel
  • 4ohms Mono: 200 W
  • 2ohms Stereo: 400 W
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.02%
Frequency Response (+/- 1dB): 15-40kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 102dB A weighted
Slew Rate: 15V/us
Damping Factor @ 100Hz 4ohm load: >500
Damping Factor @ 100Hz 2ohm load: >250
Stereo Separation: 72dB
Input Sensitivity: 100mv - 2V
Input Impedance: 10k Ohms
Supply Voltage: 10.5-16V
Fuse Rating: 30 Amp
Shipping Weight: 12 Pounds
Dimensions: 14" L x 8.5" W x 2.3" H

Internal Bridging for Mono or Mixed-Mono Applications
MOSFET Power Supply and complementary discrete output circuitry
Two-layer glass epoxy computer grade circuit board
Low-Noise, sealed conductive plastic potentiometer
Designed and built in the USA

MTX MTA 250 "Gut" shot - Circuit Board

See video demo below!

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jay123 said...

225&250 mta are both .5 ohm stereo- 1ohm mono compatible which is better than ppi promos 25 or 50 since there only stable 1ohm stereo -2ohm mono. I have all four and the mta's as far as sound quailty seems better than ppi.they seem to have more range on low&mid range. All amps am comparing factory never repaired. (My test bench is 2 astron 35m , kenwood kdc-x993 ,ppi noise gate and frx-322 crossover and enough polk speakers to make an .25 ohm load) by the way your blog is great am glad some of us ol' school og's are keeping this scene going. I would like 2 see a 200-250 rms watt amp demo. thanks amosmoses.

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