Saturday, June 30, 2012

BigDWiz on The Tech Guy Radio Show!

Wow, today was my lucky day!! I was able to get on the caller list to talk to Leo Laporte on his nationally syndicated radio show "The Tech Guy". Leo runs, an Internet broadcast network delivering dozens of audio and video podcasts weekly.

My question was regarding YouTube and how to download a list of my subscribers so I can do a giveaway. Leo mentioned YouTube probably doesn't make this easy for a keep spam down. My reasons for wanting the list are totally legit; I just want a way to get a text listing of all the subscribers so I can put them in to choose a lucky winner for whatever Old School car audio item I plan on giving away.

See show 887 on TechGuyLabs for more info. See the embedded YouTube Video at the bottom of this article. My favorite quote from the chat room during the show by username Howard: 

"Leo 80ties & 90ties old school? I must be ancient school."

By the way, Leo got a kick out of my "Chinese mini Amp Invasion" videos! Thanks for the recommendation Leo, I'll try it out and let you know how it works.

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aka "BigDWiz"

See my segment embedded below or See it on YouTube


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