Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Old School SPL Challenge?

With the recent $150 SPL challenge ending, HifiVega and I have been discussing ways to create old school challenges and his idea for the first one is....

SPL challenge using old school IASCA power class rules. Four Classes total:

(1) Zero - 50 watts

(2) 51 - 100 watts

(3) 101 - 250 watts

(4) 251 - 500 watts* (walled included)

*(includes other classes walled. In other words if you go walled, you will automatically be placed in 251-500 walled class, even if you have a 50 watt amp. Walled is defined as box is 12” or closer to headliner. 12” ruler must fit between the box and the headliner across the entire box to be excluded from walled class)

Classes based on rated 4 ohm stereo power of old school amplifier (must be year 2005 or older amp). Subs can be old or new, no limit on size or quantity. SPL measurements only as we can't have SQ judges checking out everyone's car. SPL measurements accepted by TermLab, SSA APM-2 and SPL Labs meters. No mics, sorry (I know that's more old school, but too many variables). No subs allowed forward of B-Pillar

We will provide list of car audio shops who will donate meter time or list their metering fee. There will be a Facebook group all are welcomed to join. We will also keep results on, however it wil be much easier to keep up with the challenge on Facebook.

Meter must be placed on windshield. No restriction for location. Doors closed and windows sealed up. Challenge ends on October 21, 2019.

Now, I know people will complain about the US Amps VLX and Orion Concept amps, but this is just for fun, right? Will be cool to see what people can do with Orion 225 HCCA's and Punch 45's

Goals? Have fun, bring out OS equipment to use and show off. Prizes for winners.More details coming!

Examples of cheater amps? US Amps VLX Series (25, 50, 200, 400), Orion HCCA (225, 250, 2100), Concept 97-3, Lanzar 50C, Crossfire CFA15/30HC, HiFonics Ulysses/Isis, Rockford Power 50x2, PPI ProMos 25/50, ProArt 50/100, Phoenix Gold MPS2220/2240/2500, Soundstream Class A 3.0/6.0/10.0/10.2, Audio Art 50/100HC, Earthquake 40UHC, Planet Audio P225HC (20x2), Crunch 50SHC, Memphis HC50, MTX MTA225, MTA250, 225HO, MMATS D100HC (200W @4 ohms), and more!

Old School SPL Leaderboard

(updated 8/10/19)

0-50 Watts

1. 143.6db Matthew Starke Soundstream Ref 200s
2. 132.8db Jud Stansell RF Punch 45 25tolife

51-100 Watts

1. 143.8db Matthew Starke RF 200s
2. 139.1db Nick Winner US Amps 100

101-250 Watts

1. 150.00db Matthew Starke RF punch 150 25tolife
2. 144.7db Brad Newsome Hollywood RVH-1000m
2. 140.3db Shanon Arrowood Kicker ZR 360
3. 137.4db Brad Schulke Crutchfield 50x4
4. 133.9db Clint Faist Lanzar Optidrive 200

251-500 Watts *walled class*

1. 149.6db Mitchell Mbooma Bulmer MTX 81000d
2. 148.48db Matthew Starke US Amps 1000
3. 148.18db Ronnie Smith Apline MRV-1507
4. 146.2db Clint Faist Elemental Designs nine.1


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