Sunday, December 4, 2011

700 Watt Mini Amp? Lepai LP-V3 Tested and Reviewed

Lepai LP-V3 Mini Amp

The Chinese Mini Amp Invasion continues!! Next up is the Lepai LP-V3. This mini amp touts use of a BOSE power IC. In fact, the non-grammar corrected text "This Amplifier is use BOSE Power IC" is silk-screened on the amp. You'll also see "700 W Max Music Power" labeled on the amp. The LP-V3 uses the exact same enclosure as the LP-2020A+, I reviewed earlier.

See a size comparison w/ the LP-2020A+ below:

Lepai LP-2020A+ and LP-V3 Mini Amplifiers

In addition to touting a BOSE IC, the LP-V3 promises an RMS Power Output of 25 Watts. No clarification if this 25 Watts is per channel or total watts...

The next two pictures below show both ends of the for the controls, the other for the connections. Here again, the LP-V3 is a clone to the LP-2020A+:

Lepai LP-V3 Controls; Power, Tone/Direct, Bass, Treble & Volume

Lepai LP-V3 Connections; RCA, 1/8" inputs, Spring-Loaded Speaker Terminals and 12v5A DC  Power Input

Well, enough about the connections and controls, how does the LP-V3 sound? Well, in a nutshell, weak. I was expecting much more dynamic and punchy sound as delivered by the LP-2020A+. The LP-V3 appeared to run out of steam quickly and obviously didn't put out anywhere near the power of the 2020A+. In fact, the LP-V3, reminded me greatly of the tiny and unimpressive Kinter MA-150 I tested earlier. Very disappointing, especially considering the supposed "Real" RMS output of 25 watts. I was beginning to seriously doubt the validity of this claim. Fortunately, I have an easy way to determine the actual RMS output of this amp...

Results? Not impressive and not even close to the 700 Watt, or the 25 Watt RMS ratings. Using a 12V 35Ah Sealed Lead-Acid battery showing 13.0V of charge, I was able to obtain:

Output Test Results:

  • 4.43V RMS of Unloaded Output at the speaker terminals
  • 2.0 Watts RMS / channel at 8 ohms
  • 3.6 Watts RMS / channel at 4 ohms
  • 5.1 Watts RMS / channel at 2 ohms
  • 11.9 Watts MAX / channel at 2 ohms

(tests above were conducted using a 1kHz 0dB Sine Wave Test Tone from the SMD DD-1 test disk and output was verified by the DD-1, which detects distortion at 1%. The resistive loads of 8, 4 and 2 were conducted with BOTH channels loaded)

Stay tuned for more tests of these mini amps and see which one (if any) you should buy. Check out my video review of the Lepai LP-V3 below. Make sure to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay updated of my latest videos. You can also follow me on Twitter @oldschoolstereo.

See the video on YouTube in 720p HD or embedded below:




abglek said...

hello, thanks for your review.

actually i'm wrongly bought this amp (wrong seller description, i got refund almost 75%). i just want to know how bad this amp compare to ta2020. can you be specific, like maybe the clarity, stereo image, tone etc..

i understand about class-b amp not really efficient (compare to class d or t), so it sound lower with same power supply.

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