Friday, December 30, 2011

Santa Visited OldSchoolStereo - More Old School Goodies!

Yes, it's true...Santa dropped off some Old School Car Audio for everyone to enjoy!

First up is the Rockford Fosgate PBR300x4 "boosted rail" amp to match the PBR300x1 I already have and have tested in a previous video. The 300x4 is a 4 channel amp rated at 75 watts for each of the 4 channels and is not bridgeable. It is the same TINY size as the 300x1 and will work great for a stealth install. More details coming soon on this...

Next up is a rare Infinity Nucleus KPX-2 tri-mode crossover system. This item also came with the optional FC-1 fader control for Front/Rear control. Take an old school 2 channel amp and power an entire system with mids/highs up front, mids/highs in the rear and a subwoofer. The Nucleus KPX-2 offers a 12dB low pass crossover slope at 75hz and a 6dB high pass filter at 150hz.

Last, but not least is a Soundstream Dealer's manual from the mid 90's called the "Heavyweight Boxing" Subwoofer Enclosure design installation manual. It is an extremely detailed with specs of the Soundstream subs of the time (SSR, Granite and SPL models). This extra large manual was for Soundstream dealers and had an original MSRP of $249 and even has a serial number!

See the video on YouTube in 720p HD or embedded below:

See 3 of the latest items arriving at the Labs. I show off two subwoofers and an ultra-rare NIB set of Boston Acoustics 767 coaxials.

First, you'll see an early 90's Rockford Fosgate PCH-812 "The Punch" Classic 12" 8 ohm subwoofer in MINT condition. Next up is an ultra-beefy 10" sub from Eclipse, the 8810.6. This is a single 6 ohm subwoofer made by TC Sounds. 600 watts RMS, 3" peak to peak excursion and an original retail price of $370 make this a desirable sub, especially in it's very good condition!

Last up is the unbelievable...a BNIB set of Boston Acoustics 767 6.5" coaxials. Per Boston's website, these were made between 1987 and 1993. So, these speakers have been sitting in the box, untouched for possibly over 20 years? Simply amazing!

See the video on YouTube in 720p HD or embedded below:

See my latest amp arriving at the labs....a MINT Rockford Fosgate Power 500m amplifier, in the box complete with birthsheet! According to an April 1995 Car Audio & Electronics Directory, the 500m retailed for $929 back in 1995. This amp and the 250m2 were Rockford's most expensive amps as the infamous 4 channel Power 300, 650 and 1000 had been retired from Rockford's lineup around 1993 or 1994.

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See the video on YouTube in 720p HD or embedded below:



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