Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Vintage Rockford Fosgate Collection of OldSchoolStereo.com

Some of the Older Fosgate and Rockford Fosgate Amps in the OldSchoolStereo collection

We at OldSchoolStereo.com are Rockford Fosgate fanatics! I myself, started off with a late 80's Punch 45 and still have the amp to this day (and it still works great!). I decided to put together a video slideshow of much of our old school collection of Fosgate and Rockford Fosgate gear.

The slideshow was put together to show off models ranging from a 1978 PR-250 to the 2005 "25 To Life" Anniversary models of the Punch 45, 75 and 150. Enjoy the slideshow showing off models such as:

  • Fosgate (Pre-Rockford) Amps including the PR-220 and PR-250
  • 1st Generation Punch 45, 75, 150 and several Perfect Interface chrome and gold amp shrouds
  • 2nd Generation and HD series Punch 45, 75 and 150
  • Old School Power series amps including the Power 100HD, Power 300, Power 360, Power 650 and Power 1000 Mosfet model
  • A MASSIVE collection of the 1992-1996 DSM series amps including; Punch 40, 60, 100, 200 (plus the ix models) and a few of the 4 channel models; 4020, 160x4 and 400x4. I also show off a MINT Punch Power 500M in the original box!
  • Speakers including the "Punch Classic" subwoofers and AUDIOphile mids/tweets and subs from the mid-1990's
  • And MUCH more! Enjoy the 5 minute video!
I also created both music tracks on my iPad using GarageBand. I'm no expert making music, but have fun doing it. Let me know what you think of my beats and such.

Rockford Fosgate DSM Heaven!

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