Thursday, October 3, 2013

Watch BigDWiz interview Mark @ CarAudioFabrication!

BigDWiz Interviews Mark at CarAudioFabrication
Watch the Archived video!

Check out this detailed interview of the man behind CarAudioFabrication! 

The video is over an hour and a half chocked full of interesting content and insight behind the man who tells the "secrets" of car audio. Be sure to check the information below the embedded'll be able to jump to a specific question in the interview. I wish everyone would, but doubt most people will watch the entire 1 hr and 38 minute interview, so to make it easier, I added links to the exact point of the video for each question I asked Mark.

We discuss everything from where to buy fiberglass material to what we think about Steve Meade's success! I had a great time interviewing Mark and think you guys will enjoy watching the archive.

Check out Mark's Website:
And the Car Audio Fabrication YouTube Channel

Watch the entire 1 hour and 38 minute video on YouTube
or embedded below:


Links to questions:
(click the YouTube link to be taken to this specific part of the video)

1st section is Car Audio Related:
1) Who or what got you started into car audio?
2) Describe your first system?

Side Comment (D'Amore Engineering University)
Learn Electronics at D'Amore University!
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

4) What was your first "real" system?
5) Any favorite amp from years past?
6) How much power are you running in your current system?
7) Any particular favorite sub you've used?
8) What type of subwoofer enclosure do you prefer?
9) How long have you been fabricating? Who was your inspiration?
Side comment for
10) What kind of music do you listen to?
11) What do you want to improve upon and learn more about in the future?

2nd Section YouTube Related Questions:

1) Why did you start a YouTube channel?
2) What's the secret of your channel growing so fast?
Shout out to Doug @SoundManCarAudio
3) What do you think about Steve Meade's success on YouTube?

Side comment: Mark's Challenge to Bassheads:

4) Have you ever considered joining a network on YouTube?

Side Comment: Patreon -

5) What's your goal with your YouTube Channel?
6) How much time do you invest in your average YouTube Video?
7) What misconceptions are there about your channel?
8) What's the biggest challenge in making YouTube videos?

Side Comment: BigDWiz shout's out to OldSchoolStereo Facebook group and 
hints of new channel from BigDWiz?:

Viewer questions:

1) How old were you when you started in car audio?
2) Recommended Fiberglass resources?
3) What is your day job?
4) How do you determine how much to charge for custom work?
5) If you were asked to make a SEMA car, would you?

Extra - Show some install pics from Mark and discuss

Extra - what type of vinyl NOT to buy

6) How do I donate to your channel / website?
7) What are your thoughts on MECP?
8) What's your worst experience while installing?
9) How did you solve a difficult challenge using an outside the box solution?
10) What brand of router bits do you use?
Mark also mentions

Extra - showing a few fabrication pics from Mark's build:

11) SQ or SPL?

Conclusion - Mark and I let you know how to find us on the Internet:

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